Remember back when Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp (the team behind this week's much buzzed-about District 9) were going to make a Halo movie? Unfortunately, studios got cold feet -- and didn't want to risk such a high budget on an unknown filmmaker -- which eventually led to Blomkamp being given the reigns on something a lot smaller ($30 million) and a lot like the short film that got him noticed in the first place. Should District 9 turn into a summer sleeper hit (and it should), look for Blomkamp to be the next go-to guy for smart science fiction.

In the meantime, though, IESB claims via their secret inside sources that Steven Spielberg may be looking to pick up where Jackson left off and produce a big-budgeted Halo movie. This is all due to screenwriter Stuart Beattie's (G.I. Joe) pitch-heard-around-the-web some months back, when the writer actively pursued the non-existent Halo gig by coming up with his own concept art alongside a story that he feels could be "this generation's Star Wars," according to an interview with Sci Fi Wire from back in January.

IESB claims Spielberg is in active discussions to produce a Halo movie based on Beattie's script, titled Halo: The Fall of Reach. We're not sure why Spielberg -- who's working with Jackson now on their joint Tintin adaptation -- would want the project after Jackson quit it, but perhaps he sees the potential of the next great sci-fi franchise. Either that, or another failed video game adaptation.

What do you think of Spielberg possibly getting behind a Halo adaptation?
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