Back in June we told you about a new Arrested Development documentary that was created by fans to pay tribute to the show that meant so much to so many people. At the time, we showed you what the filmmakers were calling "the final trailer," and while that unfortunately did not come with any kind of release date, we do have another treat for you today in the form of a deleted scene. It's my understanding that the filmmakers are still trying to find a home for this doc, which features interviews with Arrested Development cast and crew, as well as hardcore fans from around the country.

But since they've already churned out enough trailers to whet the appetites of many, it's time now for a different marketing strategy -- one that I'm surprised we don't see more often: the deleted scene. This is perfect (assuming you find one that's worthwhile) because by giving folks something that's not in the finished film, you're showing them a part of it without ruining anything. Deleted scenes are being used a lot more now to help promote movies arriving on DVD, though I think they should be used more in the marketing of theatrical releases. Why not?

Anyway, while the filmmakers behind this Arrested Development documentary try to secure some kind of release (stay tuned to their official website for updates), check out this deleted scene after the jump and find out more about the Arrested Development Christmas Special that hasn't happened ... yet.