I Love You, Man
comes out on DVD and Blu-ray today, and it's a light-hearted if quickly forgettable movie that squarely defines "bromance," which has quickly become one of the marketing industry's favorite terms. It's a word that's come to describe camaraderie between men on screen when "friends" just won't cut it. We're not talking about Brokeback Mountain levels of love between males here, but something just south of it.

Unfortunately, I Love You, Man doesn't really nail that moment until the very end of the film. By then, the only thing stuck in your head is Paul Rudd's "Slappin' de bass" line, and the bond between Rudd and Jason Siegel seems more like beer buddies than anything. But what about movies that nail between man, for better or worse? Here's seven examples of movies that are very pro-bro.

Midnight Run
Martin Brest's 1998 bounty hunter tracking down his man movie his one of the best bromances ever captured on film: Charles Grodin and Robert De Niro. Paramount, the first studio developing this project, wanted to team De Niro with Cher to provide some "sexual overtones". Thankfully, Paramount bowed out and Universal stepped in. Despite the fact that Grodin is in handcuffs for most of this movie, it's De Niro's Jack Walsh in emotionally shut-down chains who changes dynamically. The intimate ending scene between the two is worth all the hammy acting by the supporting cast.
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