The long-awaited 14-second preview of the latest New Moon trailer should be enough proof that we, as a society, have completely lost our freaking minds. But you have to hand it to Summit Entertainment for teasing the Twilight fanbase just enough with half a photo here, 14 seconds over there -- by this point, I wouldn't be surprised if some Twi-hard freaked and broke into Summit's offices demanding to see more. It could be like the sequel to Fanboys ... only way lamer.

Anyway, the full New Moon trailer will be attached to Bandslam in theaters this Friday (don't you love how Summit even uses Twilight to get people to see their other movies, too?), and it should arrive online shortly thereafter. But if you're itching to see Bella get a little closer to Jacob, then check out the 14-second piece of nothing after the jump.
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