He may have been eager to set off on another adventure back in 2005, and have pondered bringing Johnny Depp into the world in 2007, but Paul Reubens -- aka Pee-Wee Herman -- never got those gigs off the ground. Now, rather than hitting the big screen, Variety reports that there will be a limited stage return of The Pee-Wee Herman Show this November at Hollywood's Music Box at the Fonda Theater.

Surprisingly, it won't only include Reubens himself, but also a lot of the original cast and crew like Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne, Mailman Mike, Jambie the Genie, Chairry, Randy, and more. Reubens says: "It's time. My Pee-Wee suit and red boy tie are at the ready -- and this is proof that white shoes are cool past Labor Day."

I'm sure that shnazzy suit will be prime, but will Reubens himself? Playing a wacky man in a suit isn't really age-dependent, but a smooth-faced 30-something Herman is a little different than a man in his late fifties. Slashfilm says that the press release promises a "Re-imagined, re-invented, and nuttier than ever" performance. Normally that would be something that instigates apprehension, but this may just be the key to magic this time around. The same talent means the same sort of life and performance, and re-imagined and re-invented just might help wipe away his past foibles once and for all.

Are you on-board for a new Adventure, come November?
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