Ben StillerYou'd think that the next movie featuring the star of a very recent blockbuster would be a surefire candidate to get a splashy theatrical release. Yet despite the presence of Ben Stiller in its cast, chances are that you won't see The Marc Pease Experience this summer.

Stiller, who starred in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian -- which has earned nearly $400 million worldwide since its release in late May -- plays a supporting role as a mentor to Jason Schwartzman, who must come to terms with his dream of becoming a musical star on Broadway. Rising starlet Anna Kendrick is also featured. As reported by The Playlist, Paramount will be releasing The Marc Pease Experience on August 21 in just 10 markets: Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Sacramento, San Francisco, Seattle ... and "maybe" Boston, according to director Todd Louiso. Those are definitely major markets, but New York and Los Angeles will be avoided, and I'm guessing those of us in the selected markets will need to search out where exactly the movie will be dumped be playing.

Production on the film began under the Paramount Vantage banner, a division that has since been shuttered. The Playlist speculates that "there was basically a mandate from Paramount to all the Paramount Vantage movies 'on the way out' that 'We're just not going to put any more money into them.'" Whether that's true or not -- and I'm inclined to hope that they evaluated each movie on its own merits -- you might need to buy a plane ticket to see another Ben Stiller comedy this summer. Failing that, The Marc Pease Experience is expected on DVD before the end of the year.

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