I wish I could recall precisely when marketing departments started outsourcing their Photoshop work to fans, but it's been going on long enough that this addled brain can no longer peg a start date. I want to say the first time I saw it was around either the second or third Resident Evil movie, but don't hold that against me. Point is this poster contest for the newest film from Creep and Severance director Christopher Smith is neither the first nor will it be the last production to let the faceless masses of the tubes decide what the face of their horror film will look like.

If you head over to the official website for Triangle you can vote for one of four finalized posters, though try not to take too close of a look at the one with Melissa George on the bloody deck; it actually contains a rather large spoiler. Enterprising souls can download a 50mb asset pack loaded with pre-cropped snaps of starlett Melissa George in various poses of duress and then use their favorite photo editor to whip up a Triangle sales pitch that will surely be at least as mediocre as the four approved nominees. Once you're done copying and pasting, submit your Melissa George clone collage to the site for a chance to win...absolutely nothing of consequence!

Like I said, it's just a time waster. Should you happen to 'shop up two magnificent big heads, it'll still only get you a hypothetical spot on the DVD. That's why I opted to take a different approach and turn the poster into an album cover. And believe you me when I say this was a monumental waste of time. Beware colorful language:
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