You don't have to be a gum-slapping, mall-frequenting, Efron-obsessed tween to know who Vanessa Hudgens is. Her stint as Gabriella in the monstrously popular 'High School Musical' franchise catapulted her to worldwide fame, complete with incessant media coverage and a dreamy superstar boyfriend -- Zac Efron. But class has officially ended and with the new film 'Bandslam' (opening Aug. 15), and two others -- that we know of -- in the works, Hudgens is more than ready to, as she puts it, "grow up."

In 'Bandslam,' Hudgens is Sa5m (the 5 is silent) a snarky bookworm who falls for fellow outcast Will (newcomer Gaelan Connell). We sat down for a chat with the pint-sized actress and dished on what it was like kissing her 'Bandslam' co-star, whether she'd prefer an Oscar or a Grammy ... and what she has to say to the pesky celebrity press.
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