The history of the movies is packed with tales of the 'little filmmakers that could'. Starting as far back as Ed Wood, right up to people like Robert Rodriguez, or The Blair Witch masterminds, there are tons of stories about filmmakers who defied the system and made movies on their own terms. After watching the short film, Manifest Destiny, I'm convinced that Darrell and Doug Waters could be the latest success story to add to the list. The sci-fi short is the first film by the Waters', and low-budget doesn't begin to describe it. Frankly, it doesn't get more cost-effective than shooting the whole thing in a garage using medical equipment you bought off eBay -- and may I just say, ewww.

The short film chronicles a supremely creepy alien autopsy and was inspired by 70's and 80's horror sci-fi like Invasion of The Body Snatchers and The Thing. The film manages to be scary and kind of sad at the same time, and I can only assume that these two guys will be using this short as a calling card for a feature deal. Considering it was made with props from eBay by two guys no one has ever heard of before, you'll have to admit, the results are pretty impressive.
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