Alright world, listen up. Stop making good science fiction films. Just stop it. I'm not used to it and I resist change. First Danny Boyle's Sunshine snuck up on everyone with a gorgeous voyage to our doomed star. Barely two years went by before Duncan Jones got everyone all excited with Sam Rockwell on the Moon. Mere months later and we've got Neill Blomkamp kicking all of our heads in with District 9. And now joining Pandorum and Avatar on our sci-fi calendar is the space-bound enigma Cargo.

Hailing from Switzerland, a country not exactly known for its gritty looking adventures aboard starships, Cargo has been a long time labor of love for writer/director Ivan Engler. Quiet Earth tells us that the film was actually set for production in 2001 before getting caught up in the financial aftermath of 9/11. Fortunately for fans of the fantastic, Engler stuck to his guns and the result is the stunning trailer below.
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