I own one of Marc Ecko's Star Wars t-shirts, and while a tad expensive, they're pretty cool. Purchasing it, for the first time in my life I felt Star Wars gear was, like, trendy and hip. Back by popular demand, Ecko is now continuing his line with a handful of hoodies and jackets that have the same Star Wars themes. Personally I'm not crazy about most of them, though the X-Wing Pilot Hoodie (priced at a whopping $150) is officially awesome and a must-have. I also dig the Storm Trooper hoodie ... though some of these are so freaky, I'd be afraid to walk into a store wearing it for fear they'll think I'm robbing the joint. Seriously, what's up with the Darth Maul hoodie? That thing is freaky as all hell. And the Darth Vader hoodie looks like something the gimp from Pulp Fiction would wear. But anyway ...

Check out a few pics of the merch below, then head on over to Ecko's site to pre-order and surf the entire collection.

[via The Awesomer]
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