What do you get when you mix together a demonic ice cream truck driver, a fallen angel, an old woman with a set of piranha teeth, Dennis Quaid and the end of the world? No, it's not The Day After The Day After Tomorrow, it's Sony's apocalyptic horror/action hybrid, Legion. Now, thanks to MySpace, we've got our first look at the film and it's uh, well, it's something alright.

Let's just say I'm oddly happy to see the B movie is still alive in Hollywood. I'm sure Sony would be glad to never have Legion called a B movie, but sometimes a cigarello is just a cigarello (Get it? Because they couldn't afford actual cigars. Zing!). The whole production is comprised of talent that's not quite reached the top of its pay grade and it shows in the age restricted trailer below. But that is not a condemnation. There is nothing inherently wrong with a B movie.

There may, however, be something inherently wrong when a movie features a wall climbing gag this visually outdated. Oh well, it's still early. Legion doesn't come out until January 22, 2010. Here's to hoping some of that CGI is re-rendered before then.
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