As I wrote the headline for this piece, I felt guily for stealing a bit of TV Squad's thunder. AMC is, of course, a cable channel, so the news that Frank Darabont and Gale Anne Hurd will be bringing Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead to the AMC channel ... well, that's TV news. But given the track records of the filmmakers involved, I doubt they'll flay me for oozing with excitment.

To those who haven't read the graphic novel, you're missing out on a great, serious zombie horror ... but it's about a cop who leads a group of survivors through a post-apocalyptic zombified landscape. Genre fans will agree that the well-admired property is in rather good hands: Mr. Darabont (a big-time horror fan) recently gave us The Mist, and Ms. Hurd has produced (among dozens of films) Aliens, The Relic and the underseen Welcome to the Jungle.

For more of the facts, check the Variety piece. For a fan's perspective, enjoy Bloody-D's take on the news.
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