It seems like the perfect time to talk about From Dusk Till Dawn -- and naturally, fire up the DVD player and watch it again. Quentin Tarantino wrote the screenplay and acted in the horror film, and his movie Inglourious Basterds opens next weekend. On the same day, the family film Shorts, the latest by From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez, will also hit theaters. And let's not forget that Rodriguez is currently filming Machete, with a cast that includes some actors from his 1996 film: Danny Trejo and Cheech Marin.

Cheech Marin is the focus of one of the most vivid scenes in From Dusk Till Dawn, which I love in a somewhat guilty sort of way. If you've seen the film, you're probably shaking your head at your computer screen and thinking, "She's not. She is totally not going to tell us she loves That Scene. Aw, no." Women are pondering whether I'm betraying our sex, men may be smirking a bit. My husband still can't believe I picked this scene to discuss. Those of you who haven't seen the film just wish I'd get on with it. If you don't want to see any slang sex words on your computer, you may not want to read past the jump.

Warning: The scene featured after the jump is R-rated and NSFW
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