Over at SciFi Squad, my pal Erik Davis does something called "Captain's Log," which is his catch-all section for opinions, musings, rants, links, and all sorts of friendly geek stuff. So I racked my brain for about seven minutes and came up with "Chop Talk." It sounds a lot like "Shop Talk," which is what geeks do a lot of, only this is "Chop," because a horror site is supposed to be jam-packed with groaning puns like that one. I hope to do this rambling several times a week, so please do let me know what subjects you'd like to see covered.

But today we start off with the very first rumblings from ... a new Godzilla movie. Our friends at Bloody-D have indicated that the big-spending* production company Legendary Films is interested in pulling ol' Gojira back across the pond. One can only assume that Roland Emmerich and Matthew Broderick won't be on any short lists for this project. That's all the information we have so far, but really ... don't even act surprised.

Since 1954, Godzilla has appeared in over twenty films, and there's certainly no reason to think that the last one (Godzilla: Final Wars) was actually the final one ... even though it says "final" right there in the title. I say another big-budget American Godzilla flick was pretty much inevitable, and at least it's happening while I'm still young enough to enjoy it. But who would we, the crazy geeky monster maniac movie fans, hire to direct such a film? The obvious choice would be a "tentpole" guy like Stephen Sommers or Rob Cohen, but I'm hoping they go the classy route (like WB did on Batman) and enlist someone like Paul Greengrass. And I'm just dreaming here, but "David Fincher's Godzilla" has a pretty cool ring to it.
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