(Details on Avatar day have been revealed. Here's Elisabeth Rappe reporting for Cinematical with all the info you'll need to make sure you're one of the many who'll be trying to check out footage from one of this year's most talked-about films.)

Just when you were thinking "Say, whatever happened to all that Avatar day talk?", the details have finally come online. According to The Hollywood Reporter, you too can see the footage that made thousands of people lose their minds by getting tickets from AvatarMovie.com starting this Monday. Keep checking the website for information, and the participating IMAX theater nearest you. The tickets will only be available online, and the website will eventually reveal just how and where you get them.

The 16-minute Avatartrailer will show at 6-7 pm on August 21st, sandwiched between IMAX showings of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and will be a blend of what screened at ComicCon, but with some brand new footage added. Though IMAX and Fox are predicting a general geek stampede, they're trying to combat the frenzy by limiting tickets to two per person. (So pick which friend or family member you like the most!) For those of us who don't nab a golden ticket, there's still hope. An alternate, "conventional" trailer will be debuting the same time in 2D and 3D, and will play before Post Grad, Inglourious Basterds, and other summer and fall releases. You won't be able to get away from Avatar footage.
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