Let's be real here: every 11-year-old boy lives to one-up the kids he's friends with. When I was a young lad, the kid next door to me was always buying the newest toys and then conveniently playing with them out in front of his house constantly so that everyone in the neighborhood would know who the cool kid was. Well boys (and girls), here's something that will forever make you the most popular kid at your school: the Batman Tumbler Go-Kart.

A dude by the name of T-Man created this go-kart (which he calls the T-kart) from scratch and filmed his every step so that you, too, can build a Batman Tumbler in your very own garage. The only downside is that it doesn't go in reverse or come with a host of different weapons, but one of those is an easy fix. You can follow T-Man's entire journey over on YouTube, but we posted video of the final product after the jump. Check it out.
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