One hundred and forty nine years ago today, Little Sure Shot Annie Oakley was born -- American sharpshooter and female superstar. The idea of her was always irresistible to me. She was a real woman who became something of a superwoman with a gun at a very young age -- a self-taught shooter before the age of 10. Paying off the family farm by 15. She wasn't a carefully crafted cinematic hero, but someone real. True.

I became obsessed with her at a young age, when Tall Tales and Legends* nabbed Jamie Lee Curtis to play Oakley in one episode in 1985. Some may have been introduced to the young Curtis in Operation Petticoat, or the classic Halloween, but to me, Jamie Lee was always the smirking gun-toter first, and I loved her. I must have oozed love because shortly after seeing that episode, I was walking the streets of New York City with my parents when a homeless man began to exclaim: "It's Annie Oakley! She's alive!" and chased me down the street. It didn't seem to matter that I hadn't even hit the double-digits yet.
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