If there is one thing that's taboo in the world of movie blogging, it's making judgments or opinions on films that haven't been seen, or in the case of our new feature "Movies I Will Never See," explaining why a certain film will never play out before our eyes. You can collect evidence, watch clips, or explain how your own personal tastes and motivations clash with a feature, but unless said feature is watched, opinions often become disregarded.

But how much do you have to see, or suffer through, before expressing an opinion becomes legitimate? Must one see the movie in its entirety to make the call? What if a film becomes unbearable by 30 minutes in? What if every review, both good and bad, describe a film/style/what-have-you that you don't like? What if you loathe the scenes that play out in the trailers?

Making judgment calls beforehand is a fact of life. We can't experience everything, and we must pick and choose to make the most of the time we have. Sometimes it even happens in more guttural ways -- like refusing to eat the organs of an animal because it's "gross," or refusing to climb a mountain because of the height. Usually, the more guttural the reason, the bigger chance that you could be wrong, and the more reasoned the decision, the chance you will be right.
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