Some horror flicks we can all grab at once, like Drag Me to Hell or Orphan or that mega-awesome Prom Night remake ... but when it comes to a little indie like Paul Solet's Grace, well, things take a little bit longer. Some of us were there at the now-legendary "fainters" Sundance screening, and others have been fortunate enough to catch the flick during its award-laden festival run. MOST of you will get to see the film on DVD (September 15!), but a lucky few ... namely, any horror geek with 15 bucks who lives near New York or Los Angeles ... can see Grace this weekend!

The highly-acclaimed and darkly amusing horror film is about a stillborn infant who comes back to life and causes all sorts of problems for her parents. And grandparents. Oh, and mom's former lover. And a cat. It's a quiet, strange, and smoothly intelligent little horror flick, trust me. Plus Mr. Solet and Grace producer Adam Green will be in attendance at the first L.A. screenings, and they're precisely the sort of filmmakers who'll talk horror till the sun comes up.

Los Angelenos can meet Grace at the Sunset 5, while the Noo Yawkas can enjoy the infantile mayhem at the Village East. For more on this fine, freaky film, have a look through the official website.
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