In the same post that saw The Wolf Man bumped back and The Fourth Kind moved forward, we were told that Overture's Law Abiding Citizen would be coming out much sooner than expected -- October 16th of this year, as opposed to March 26th of next year. And if the trailer (embedded after the jump) is any indication, Jigsaw's got good company indeed.

Right after Gerard Butler's wife and daughter are murdered, public defender Jamie Foxx cuts one of the criminals a deal at the expense of the other, leaving Butler none too pleased with the outcome of the legal system. So he does what any mild-mannered man would do -- he waits ten years, kills the other criminal, gets himself arrested, and then holds the entire city of Philadelphia hostage with a vague but mounting threat until Foxx cuts him a deal.

I'm all for a good cat-and-mouse game, and if all you wanted from your Fractures and your Primal Fears were a few more explosions, then this might be the movie for you. Just don't wait a decade to make up your mind about how good it was.