The enormous casting call of Legionwas one of the earliest stories I penned on Cinematical, a fact I recalled in a blinding flashback when I encountered Paul Bettany's naked abs in a San Diego elevator. From ComicCon on, the film seems to have been attracting a curious buzz, probably helped greatly by Bettany's wing-framed body. Come on, it's pretty darn nice.

A very long, very red-band trailer for Legion has appeared on MySpace and now we can get an eyeful of what the lucky Hall H attendees saw at ComicCon. It's strange, horrifying, violent, and weirdly funny. There's a dash of Preacher, Dogma, and The Prophecy about this clip and I'm honestly surprised it isn't based on an edgy comic book of some kind because it has that mash-up of camp and blasphemy that you generally only find in a book published by Vertigo or Dark Horse. I'm very curious about this one. It looks like it could be awful, and yet I have to admire any film that features a lanky Englishman kicking ass, Dennis Quaid doing anything, Kevin Durand doing his usual scary thing, and people willing to crack jokes in the face of angelic invasion. Plus, it's my humble opinion that storylines featuring scared teenagers who may be pregnant with a Messiah just never get old.

Hop below for the trailer. No lying about your age now, you whippersnappers. Remember, your guardian angel is watching.