It really does seem like we feature a new, cool Star Wars-related whatchamacallit on the site each and every single day, but there's honestly an endless amount of worthy material that I know you fans will be more than happy to devour. Take, for example, our first item today: lightsaber chopsticks (pictured above). Oh hell yes! A Japanese company called Kotobukiya has started selling three different kinds of these very cool-looking lightsaber chopsticks. While the company is only selling them in Japan beginning this November, everyone outside Japan can head on over to Geek Stuff 4 U and pre-order the chopsticks at a price of $14.42 per pair. You can choose from Darth Vader's chopsticks (red), Luke Skywalker's chopsticks (blue) or Yoda's chopsticks (green). Check out more images in the gallery below. [via Crunch Gear]

After you dine with your Lightsaber Chopsticks, you might want to take a nap ... in your very own Rebel Alliance Y-Wing fighter jet bed. Problem is, it'll cost you a cool $364,000. No, that's not the price of the bed -- that's the price of the house that owns the bed, and if you purchase said house in Visalia, CA, you then become the proud owner of one of the coolest beds I've ever seen ... though you may want to have a regular old spare bed lying around in case you need to bring home a special someone, if you know what I mean. She might think it's a little weird is all I'm saying. Check out images of the bed below.

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