the world insideFormer X-Files writer/producer Frank Spotnitz is developing two new sci-fi series for HBO. The first is Humanitas, a futuristic medical thriller that, according to Variety's description, sounds like a darker version of Fox's Fringe. While prepping for the series, Spotnitz researched advanced medical technology and procedures that allow scientists and doctors to manipulate genetics. The stories will come out of the ethical and moral dilemmas surrounding such scientific advancements, Spotnitz said.

The second is an adaptation of Robert Silverberg's 1971 sci-fi novel The World Inside. The book takes place in a dystopian, overpopulated future where war, hunger, crime and birth control have been eliminated, but people are stripped of their individuality and forced to live inside controlled "urban centers."

HBO has yet to greenlight Spotnitz's new projects, which sound more science-based and less campy than HBO's current genre hit, True Blood. Hopefully, they'll make it through development and last longer than Spotnitz's other great but short-lived series, the X-Files spinoffs Millenium and The Lone Gunmen.
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