Emily Hagins, FilmmakerShe may look like an average, ordinary young woman, but she has a big heart that yearns to express her creativity. And Emily Hagins chose to express herself by making a zombie movie, with the support of her family and friends, especially her mother. Except for the times when she had to forge onward alone. Until next Thursday, August 20, you can watch her story, Zombie Girl, for free, courtesy of our friends at SnagFilms.

Emily Hagins, a resident of Austin, Texas, isn't likely to talk about artistic inspiration or expressing her "inner filmmaker"; she just loves zombie movies -- among other genres held in low esteem by the mainstream -- and wanted to make her own. Zombie Girl documents the arduous challenges facing 12-year-old Emily as she endeavored to write, produce, and direct a film, all while remaining true to her artistic vision and dealing with the usual adolescent challenges (friends, school work, asserting independence from your mother).

Emily's story is definitely captivating all on its own -- Will all the actors and extras show up on time? Will the make-up look right on camera? Will the shot be in focus? Will Emily and her mother kill each other -- but credit is very much due to Justin Johnson, Erick Mauck, and Aaron Marshall, who created a documentary with a great flow, somehow managing to be in the right place at the right time, and assembling the footage into a wonderfully cohesive whole that is funny and touching. I loved the movie, and I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity to watch the movie -- right here, right now! Or at SnagFilms, if you choose!

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