Finally! A new photo from James Cameron's Avatar has been released online via Fox International and it's a pretty cool one featuring the film's star Sam Worthington sitting in front of his Avatar. Worthington plays a paraplegic war veteran who's asked to travel to the distant planet of Pandora on a mining operation. But because the planet is too harsh for humans, they've developed a cloning program that mixes human DNA with that of the planet's resident creatures, the Na'vi -- thus allowing our paraplegic to walk again inside the body of his Avatar, which also houses his consciousness. It's all rather freaky, but very cool nonetheless.

Avatar hits theaters on December 18, though on August 21 you can check out a 16-minute trailer at selected IMAX theaters in the US and Canada. If you miss the IMAX trailer, though, you'll be able to catch the film's regular trailer, which is also set to debut the same day.

[via Slashfilm]
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