I realized yesterday, almost accidentally, that this week marks four years since I started writing for Cinematical. Where did the time go? In 2005, Karina Longworth was the editor of Cinematical, and our current editor, Erik Davis, started at roughly the same time I did.

My first post was about Jon Voigt being cast as Pope John Paul II and is so dull that I'm not bothering to link it. In fact, most of my August 2005 posts were fairly routine, except for one early post about the Texas Filmmakers Production Fund. That year, one of the grant recipients was a 12-year-old Austin filmmaker, Emily Hagins, for her horror film Pathogen. Emily is now 16 and just held a private showing of her second feature film, The Retelling.

The first post I wrote that grabbed a lot of attention was about a website that tried the Benny and Joon method of making grilled-cheese sandwiches. "Cooking with Johnny Depp" attracted many fans of the actor ... and possibly a few fans of grilled cheese.
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