The new trailer over at Yahoo for Did You Hear About the Morgans? looks... adorable. There, I said it. Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker play two high-strung, high-powered NYC couples on the verge of divorce when, oops, they witness a murder and have to enroll in the Federal Witness Protection Program. They're sent to the middle of nowhere -- catch always-fab Mary Steenburgen wielding a shotgun -- and are forced to reexamine their relationship in close quarters. And milk cows.

Yes, hijinks ensue. Yes, it's Hugh Grant being neurotic and English, and SJP is being, well, a slightly more chill version of her Carrie Bradshaw character, and it's the whole "New Yorkers stuck out in the Midwest, oh noes!" thing, but it looks like a cute holiday flick. And I was instantly won over by Steenburgen. Sue me.

Check out the trailer for yourself after the jump (or over on Yahoo) and give me your two cents.