The Fourth Kind
Whether or not you actually believe in such things, this alien abduction thriller which is supposedly based on true events looks creepy as hell. Milla Jovovich stars and the film releases on November 6.

A motley crew of humans in an out of the way diner are the first point of attack for a band of angels who, acting upon God's orders, aim to exterminate humanity. This could be quite awesome, but this red band trailer is pretty long. I hope I haven't just seen all the good parts. The wrath of the almighty starts on January 22.

Gentlemen Broncos
Jemaine Clement stars as a science fiction writer who steals his latest book from a fan. Clement is hilarious on Flight of the Conchords and this seems like a similar brand of humor. The dramatizations of scenes from the swiped novel are priceless, and it's directed by the dude who brought us Napoleon Dynamite. This goes into limited release on October 30.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?
Romantic comedy in which a couple played by Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker find their strained relationship pushed even further when they have to join the witness protection program. The rumors start on December 11.