Jason Bateman and Mila Kunis in Extract
If you've ever found yourself referencing red staples or TPS reports, then you've probably seen 'Office Space,' a movie in which writer/director Mike Judge perfectly captured the mindless tedium of working in ... well, an office.

His next movie, 'Idiocracy,' also became a cult favorite, but it only opened in seven cities and received very little promotion. Now, however, Judge has a new movie, 'Extract' (opens Sept. 4) that aims to do for factories what 'Office Space' did for cubicle-land.

'Extract' stars Jason Bateman as a bored factory manager whose workplace and home life are disrupted when a hot temp (Mila Kunis) shows up. Not only should 'Extract' prove an excellent recruitment tool for factories looking to hire horny single guys, but it should also vault Mike Judge back into the comedy spotlight where he belongs.<
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