Horror flicks come and go so quickly that we often forget to sit back and ruminate over the ones we really like. Nah, forget that! Horror fans are great at remembering, debating, and recommending the good stuff. And one flick that all the horror fans seem to be in general agreement on is Frank Darabont's The Mist. Not only is it a great piece of filmmaking on a (relative) budget, but it's a "throwback" monster movie that never seems to get old on repeat viewings. And for a hardcore horror fan, "rewatchability" is a very important factor.

Produced for about $20 million and recipient of about $25 million from the domestic box office (about $58 million worldwide), The Mist may have seemed like a "step back" to most filmmakers. I mean, heck, Darabont had already achieved "classy" status with The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, so to jump into "just" a monster movie with such enthusiasm ... well, it's just another reason we flick freaks love Frank Darabont so much.

I'm not here to review the film, but just to toss a little reminder out there. Oh, and if you have Blu-Ray capabilities, you simply have to get this 2-disc set and settle in with the black and white version of The Mist. It's like the perfect marriage between old-fashioned horror and new-fangled audio/visual technology. And don't skip the commentary track!
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