For the past few years, my friends and I have talked about the potential for a Brewster's Millions remake on several different occasions. Everyone has those movies they're oddly obsessed with, and for us it's this flick. I think it's because the storyline (originally based on George Barr McCutcheon's 1902 novel) is perfect remake material, which is why we've already seen eight versions of it -- the last of which being the hilarious 1985 film starring Richard Pryor and John Candy. Not to mention the film is a great fit for some fun buddy humor, allowing a studio (in this case Warner Bros.) to pair up two of today's hottest comic actors and watch them go to town.

The central premise is that a man inherits hundreds of millions of dollars, but in order to retrieve it he must first spend a smaller amount (it was $30 million in the 1985 film) in 30 days without acquiring any assets and without revealing his predicament to anyone. Newbies Michael Dilberti and Matthew Sullivan have been hired to write the remake, and they'll be up against a premise that may be a tough fit for today's world, where someone can easily spend millions in minutes. Let's face it, the 2009 world is a lot different than the 1985 world, and Dilberti and Sullivan will be charged with making this premise work in the here and now.

But what does that mean? Do you have to up the amount Brewster now has to spend? $30 million was a lot in 1985, but I imagine someone could spend that quite easily in 2009 if they needed to. Will the duo have to add more rules to make it work? And who do you get to star?

How would you remake Brewster's Millions in today's world?
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