Is it as easy as 'men love action, women love romance'? Sci-fi thriller District 9 was the big winner at the box office, as Eugene Novikov reported earlier, taking in nearly twice as much as romantic drama The Time Traveler's Wife. Variety said District 9 drew "largely on the strength of males," while our reviewer Jeffrey M. Anderson said "no guy is going to want to sit through [The Time Traveler's Wife]. However, if you're a chick, the movie mostly works." Did couples head to multiplexes together, blow an air kiss, and then head their separate ways to different movies?

I saw both movies at advance press screenings, and so I didn't get a feel for how audiences in general might have been divided. Personally, I loved, loved, loved District 9 ("hellaciously entertaining," I wrote in part.) On the other hand, I mostly agree with Jeff Anderson's assessment that The Time Traveler's Wife is dripped in "soft, gooey gauze." Oh, and since I didn't feel the movie was particularly new or fresh, I didn't think Rachel McAdams' comments on The Daily Show really "spoiled" the plot twists, which, in any event, are telegraphed well in advance.

But I'm curious now about how all you movie-going couples handled the decision-making process. Did the ladies get together and leave the dudes behind to indulge in the gooey romance of The Time Traveler's Wife? Did the men go "woof, woof" and race off to see things go boom (with unexpected intelligence) in District 9? Take our poll and let us know! Feel free to elaborate in the comments section on how you decided what to watch. And a more general query: are you tired of being defined by your sex when it comes to movie-watching?