HorrorSquad's mothership Cinematical recently kicked off a new feature with the self-explanatory title of Movies I Will Never See. It never occurred to me that people would take it personally, that a simple lack of desire to see a particular title was both an affront to all of cinema and an instantaneous disaccreditation of one's ability to talk film at all. As the managing editor of Cinematical, HS editor-in-chief Scott Weinberg found himself in the unfavorable position of having to defend his ace writing team and their insights as to why they've never given hours of their life to a certain film.

Being the caring friend to Scott that I am, I figured if he's going to fight that nonsensical battle at Cinematical, he might as well fight it at HS, too. Then it occurred to me that bringing the front lines to our niche may take the fun out of the game. After all, the proliferation of horror across each canopy of the cinema jungle has given way to a nearly industrialized scale of low-hanging fruit.

There are recognizable films I know I will never see. Films that end up on my horizon because they're covered consistently on mainstream horror sites. And no, I'm not just talking about straight-to-video sequels I have zero motivation to see. I'm talking about titles I actively avoid. It just so happens that one such film re-entered my orbit: Grotesque. It is a new offering from Japanese filmmaker Kôji Shiraishi, but for all Movies I Will Never See intents and purposes, know that it is a surrogate for known quantities like the films of Fred Vogel as well as countless underground fake snuff films that no one save the filmmaker and the people in his mother's basement have heard of.
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