Taylor Lautner in New MoonWhether you root for Team Jacob or Team Edward in that immortal "Who is better for Bella Swan?" debate, chances are the brand spanking new second trailer for 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon' will cause your Jacob-or-Edward-loving-heart to go pitter-patter. That said, those with a special affection for the strapping young werewolf are in for a treat.

While Robert Pattinson's swoon-inducing vampire Edward Cullen does make an appearance in the newly released 'New Moon' preview, Taylor Lautner's love-starved werewolf Jacob and his ridiculously carved abs are the true stars (though the scene in which Kristen Stewart's Bella tries to ride a motorbike is also pretty freaking hilarious). Check out the trailer after the jump, then tell us if you like it ... and who you think deserves the affections of the lovely Bella.
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