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By now most people have already seen the short film Alive in Joburg that District 9 was based on, though I think few people realize that short is not what proved D9 could be done. As pointed out in our list of A Dozen Things You May Not Know About District 9, there exists a second short film predecessor to the current king of the box office, a demo reel Neill Blomkamp made specifically for D9's financiers at the request of Peter Jackson starring, for the first time, Sharlto Copley as Wikus.

Sadly, that last piece of the D9 puzzle remains locked away in a vault somewhere, no doubt tucked inside a Raiders'esque crate alongside the film's never-to-be-seen alternate ending. However, that's not going to stop us from retracing the steps Neill Blomkamp took towards becoming the next big thing in Hollywood.

Conveniently embedded for your viewing pleasure is a YouTube playlist charting all of Blomkamp's pre-D9 work. From Third World Robocop, the short that inspired Alive in Joburg, to the series of commercials showing what could have been of a Halo film, to Blomkamp's award-winning take on transforming cars. Enjoy it after the jump:
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