warehouse 13 implosion

With the fall TV season approaching, it's almost time to say goodbye to some of our favorite (and least favorite) summer sci-fi shows. There are only four more episodes of Eureka's third season left, and the first season of Warehouse 13 will be over in less than six weeks. Defying Gravity will wrap its first season in less than a month (if ABC doesn't cancel it due to low ratings first), and Being Human only has two more episodes scheduled to air on BBC America.Over on HBO, True Blood is sprinting to the finish of season two with only three episodes left, but the cable network has already given the green light to season four.

The fall will bring some slightly darker sci-fi fare with the premiere of ABC's Flash Forward in September, the mid-season launch of the V redo, and the premiere of the final season of Lost in 2010. Dollhouse and Fringe will return to Fox for their second seasons in September, and the network will launch the comic book adaptation Human Target in 2010. Syfy's new season starts in October with the two-hour premiere of Stargate Universe. Look for Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel series, to hit the air January 22 on Syfy. Oh, I almost forgot ... Heroes comes back to NBC on Sept. 21.

We'll have more about these new and returning fall shows starting next week. Now lets get to this week's picks and previews.
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