Hearing that Werner Herzog and David Lynch were teaming up for a guerrilla-style project back in 2008 sounded too weird to be true. Granted, the former would be directing while the latter would just produce and present, but still -- it's a merging that seems too epic for one small film. It might be epic, but if the trailer is any indication, it'll also be quite good. After the jump you can check out the first trailer for My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, which will premiere at TIFF next month.

Inspired by a true story, My Son focuses on an aspiring actor performing Sophocles, who then acts out the play by killing his mother. "The mystery unfolds in a series of flashbacks displaying the psychological destruction of the killer set off by an ill-fated white-water kayaking trip in a distant land." (Synopsis over at Collider.) I'm not sure how that all fits together -- a mystery about the why rather than the who of the killing -- but I can't say I care. I'm hooked.

That being said, must we still be presented with trailers boasting ridiculous voiceovers? It's quite apparent that there's a lot of goodness in My Son, and it doesn't really need the deep, somber voice explaining about the unexpected crime on a quiet street. It makes the whole thing sound ridiculous, rather than wholly intriguing with a cast that boasts Michael Shannon, Chloe Sevigny, Willem Dafoe, Brad Dourif, Michael Pena, Udo Kier, and the wonderful Grace Zabriskie.