Have you stopped to realize James McAvoy hasn't done a movie since Wanted? I know, I can't quite believe it either since he was one of those names attached to everything last year. But he's been taking it easy and why shouldn't he? All that "curve the bullet" stuff made everyone dizzy.

Happily though, the young Scottish turk is back, and he's stretching his comedic chops this time around which is a great relief for those of us still reeling from Atonement. According to Variety, McAvoy is teaming up with Seth Rogen for the illness driven comedyI'm With Cancer. Based on screenwriter Will Reiser's semi-autobiographical novel, Cancer centers on a 25 year old who discovers he has cancer. He spends several years battling and overcoming the disease, so thankfully you won't need to bring too much Kleenex with you. You'll just need enough to wipe up the happy tears.

McAvoy will take the lead Reiser-inspired role, and Rogen will take the backseat, though he's also on board as a producer alongside his pal Evan Goldberg. Nicole Holofcener will direct, and Reiser has penned the screenplay. The film is set to begin shooting this winter and is apparently looking to change the title which I think is a shame. What's catchier than I'm With Cancer? Keep that one, guys. It sounds as upbeat as the story.
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