By Monika Bartyzel

These days, Ellen Page seems to be taking the Nicole Kidman cinematic route -- signing up for a lot of interesting gigs, then backing out of them before they come to fruition. It's not exactly new news that Ellen Page has left the lesbian werewolf movie Jack and Diane -- Kim Voynar discovered her removal from the film's info last summer. But now it's official, with a new actress slipped in. As Arrow in the Head reports: Alison Pill has taken over the sexy saddle.

The film follows two teen girls who start snogging in New York City. But when Jack learns that Diane is leaving the country, she tries to cool things off. But Diane wants to keep things going -- while also having to keep it secret that these sexy shenanigans are turning her into a werewolf. There's no word on who will play who, but Pill will be one while Olivia Thirlby will play the other.

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