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"Huge plains of waste cover every corner of the Planet. Toxic gases make the air unbreathable. Acid rain poisons the water. Global warming make the surface uninhabitable and hostile. The Earth is dead. And the process is not reversible. But Mankind, thanks to its intelligence, gave life to its greatest invention, and is now free again to choose a "perfect" life inside the infinite world of Pathos." - Quiet Earth

There aren't many things in this world that I would describe as both Cronenbergian and Gilliam-esque yet that is the distinct impression one gets from Pathos, a short film from the Italian trio of Dennis Cabella, Marcello Ercole, and Fabio Prati. The cathode ray tube and dingy cell walls evoke memories of Brazil and Twelve Monkeys while the, um, attachment brings to mind the bio-tech synergy of eXistenZ.
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