I always get flamed when I criticize the Narnia franchise (formerly Disney, now Fox), so let me start by stressing that I loved these books as a kid. I was rather obsessed with them, and spent a lot of time trying to wish my closet walls away into a snow-filled forest. (Hey, I was a dork. Oddly, that convinced me even more that I could make Narnia appear -- awkward kids always meet magical creatures!) I was very disappointed in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and keep forgetting to watch Prince Caspian, which says volumes about my enthusiasm.

But I am holding out hope for The Voyage of the Dawn Treaderand as ho-hum as I've been about the franchise so far, my heart leapt when they put it back into production. It was my favorite of the series, and while nothing Disney has done looked quite like I pictured, the above photo does. That's the Dawn Treader herself, currently sitting in drydock on Australia's Gold Coast. I'm ecstatic looking at it, and my seven year old self reminds me how much I coveted the aft cabin, which Caspian politely handed over for Lucy's comfort. Please, please, please let this one be awesome and worthy of that ship.

The photo comes courtesy of ComingSoon.net, where you can see it in high res.
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