So, last week I rated and ranked the geekier girls of the summer blockbuster season, and now it's time for the men to be sorted and judged. Last year, I didn't bother to rank them and just gave the prize to Harvey Dent and predicted that Wolverine would take it this year. Well, we all know that isn't going to happen. Sorry, Logan, it hurts me as much as it hurts you. Maybe you'll earn the prize in 2012 or whenever it is you go to Japan.

Actually, the boys of summer have proved to be a bit of a challenge. It's hard to believe, but I think the girls actually fared better in terms of variety and interest. When trying to sort out who is the better man, I really feel that all our muscle bound and star-powered heroes came out a little wanting. It didn't look that way going into the season -- there was Wolverine, John Connor, Captain Kirk, Duke and Snake Eyes. Surely one of them would take the Coolest Guy of Summer, right? Wrong.

Now, admittedly on that list I have only seen Star Trek (Terminator: Salvation has long since vanished from the multiplex, and funds keep me from G.I. Joe), but while all had their fans and were enjoyable films, not one character jumped out as a star player. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were certainly good (the latter especially), but I still feel they're a bit of a wait-and-see at this point. Another Trek film could dash their wow factor altogether. Sure, that seems unlikely, but think to the summer of 2008. Did you imagine that you'd walk out of your theater thinking Wolverine and John Connor were downright blah?