Ah, the rub of Hollywood v. truly independent works. One can come together in what seems like a blink, and just moments after we learn the casting, we've got the trailer, and then the big-screen wide release. In the independent world, however, especially where shorts are concerned, time does not move that quickly. One day you might see something like Al Purdy's recitation of "At the Quinte Hotel" turned into a short film, but it'll be years before you can see it again.

Now (huzzah!) you can see this great short film online after the jump or over at director Bruce Alcock's website, Global Mechanic. For most, Mr. Purdy's poem will bring to mind a certain Charles Bukowski. (The pair even kept up a correspondence during their lives.) It's beauty juxtaposed with unpleasantness, "horse piss" and "yellow flowers" coming together in an "exquisite analogy" wrought with humor.

The short was in the works for years, starting in 1992, back when Purdy was still alive. At first, the poet was apprehensive, but he later allowed Alcock to use a reading of the poem recorded by CBC Radio. After being shelved for years, it was completed in 2004 and made the festival circuit soon after. A mix of stop-motion photography and animation, it's a great visual embodiment of the poem, right down to the humor of Purdy's sensitive man juxtaposed with pictures of guns and hatchets.

And thanks to the beauty of the Internet that link above (or right here) also allows you to download for your own enjoyment, and perhaps DIY filmmaking inspiration. Check it out after the jump.