I've already ranted about my desire to see Steven Spielberg's Lincoln passion project not die. But while that version of Honest Abe isn't going anywhere, another one is. However, this one is all about the assassination. The Hollywood Reporter'sRisky Biz Blog reports that Robert Redford is gearing up to direct The Conspirator -- penned by James Solomon.

But this isn't a Booth tale. The film will detail the story of Mary Surratt -- a boardinghouse owner in DC and Confederate sympathizer said to have conspired to kill President Lincoln by giving John Wilkes Booth and David Herold (his accomplice) weapons after the assassination at Ford's Theater. She was later arrested, sentenced to death, and became the first woman executed by the US federal government. Her son was also zeroed in on for his involvement, but while brought to trial, he was never convicted. (Just to add another familial twist -- she was the first cousin, once removed, of F. Scott Fitzgerald.)

On it's own, this should make for a good feature, and it's nice to see an angle and person not usually brought to the big screen. On the other, it's a shame that we can get an assassination biopic in the works, but not one on the man's life and accomplishments. But maybe things will change with Redford? Right now the cast is being assembled, and James McAvoy is said to be in line for one of the leads.
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