In the continued quest by Hollywood to leave no nostalgic movie memories untouched, Lionsgate will be remaking Dirty Dancing. The sequel, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, bombed despite the vision of a shirtless Diego Luna, although the stage version has apparently been quite popular in London, Hamburg, Toronto, Utrecht, Boston, and Chicago.

Other than a very short article in the Guardian, the only other detail available about the remake is from a Tweet by Production Weekly, that it will be written by Julia Dahl, who also wrote Uptown Girls.

How can you outdo the Swayze and Jennifer Grey in one of the best scenes ever? How can you ever top Jerry Orbach as the gruff daddy? Why does this even need a remake?! Personally, I will take the sweet yet funny send-up of the original starring the adorable Charlyne Yi (seen Paper Heart yet? Get thee to a theater!) and Channing Tatum. Video after the jump.
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