-- Unfortunately it's not a real record player, though even if it was who uses record players anymore? That said, this Enterprise-themed record player, created as part of an Enterprise model gallery in honor of the new film, would be a pretty neat toy if it were real. [Gadget Venue]

-- Could a new lawsuit hurt future Terminator sequels? Halcyon Co., the company behind the latest Terminator movie, is now suing the company that helped financed the film, Pacificor, along with one of its employees, claiming a number of different types of fraud. Halcyon, who still owes a ton of money to Pacificor, could be in a situation where they'll be forced to hand over the rights to the franchise if they don't win their case -- a decision that could have huge impacts on the next Terminator installment. Read a more detailed rundown of events over at io9.

-- Director Peter Berg talked up a Hancock sequel to SciFi Wire, and here's a snippet of that convo: "At the end of last year's Hancock, it was revealed that Will Smith's superpowered character was actually an immortal god who became vulnerable only when in the presence of his goddess companion (Charlize Theron). Berg confirmed that a sequel would elaborate on the film's mythology. "There might be another god out there," Berg said in an exclusive interview last month in Pasadena, Calif. "Might be another one." If two gods render each other mortal, imagine what kind of wrench a third would throw into the mix. Berg also confirmed that the subplot of Jason Bateman's publicist character should pick up where it left off in Hancock, where he's starting his charity campaign."
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