There's a huge rumor making the rounds today (courtesy of Marketsaw) that Peter Jackson now wants to direct a third bridge film connecting The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings, and that he wants all three films (including Guillermo del Toro's two Hobbit movies) to be shot in 3D. Those of you following the progress of these films should remember that way back when The Hobbit was first announced, both Jackson and del Toro were keen on doing three movies total, with two based on The Hobbit and one based on other related material like appendices that Jackson had gotten a hold of.

A bit later on both men squashed the idea of a third film because, according to Jackson -- who spoke to MTV about a potential third film as recently as this month -- Warner Bros. and New Line only have the rights to make two films. However, it felt like Jackson wanted to make a third film if it was at all possible, so perhaps they've found a way to make that happen and we just haven't been told yet? Personally, though, I'm more interested in the 3D angle on all this because, well, I don't think they should be filmed in 3D. Not only would it be a bit rough to sit through a three-hour 3D movie (oh c'mon, you know those suckers are gonna be way long), but I just don't think 3D would add a whole lot to the finished product. Would Middle Earth look cool in a couple shots? Sure. Other than that ... eh?

I'll give you Avatar -- that's a film that belongs in 3D. And I can even see the potential in something gimmicky like Final Destination 3D. But The Hobbit? Really? Does every big upcoming film need to be in 3D now? Is that where we're at?

What do you think about The Hobbit in 3D?
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