Do not be confused by the title of the film Five Minutes of Heaven, as it does not refer to the game you played as a middle-schooler where a boy and girl were chosen at random and locked in a closet together. (I believe that was "Seven Minutes in Heaven.") Five Minutes of Heaven is, rather, a thriller from the U.K. in which a man confronts the guy who killed his brother many years ago. James Nesbitt plays the bereaved, and Liam Neeson plays the killer.

The film debuted at Sundance this year, where it won awards for its director, Oliver Hirschbiegel, and screenwriter, Guy Hibbert. Cinematical's Scott Weinberg gave it a rave review, saying it's "bolstered by a smart, insightful screenplay, directed with low-key style and restraint, and supported by two fantastic performances." Hirschbiegel's last film was the Nicole Kidman flop The Invasion, but before that he made the Oscar-nominated Downfall, about the final days of Hitler.

Five Minutes of Heaven opens in New York this Friday and is already available on demand through the IFC in Theaters program on some cable and satellite providers. Check out the full version of the poster below.