Allow my paranoia to run rampant for a second because I'm beginning to think the big movie studios are taking their remake ideas from my Netflix account. Languishing somewhere around #57on my queue is Peter Hyams' Outland, which means I'll probably get to it just as Warner Bros' remake of it hits theaters. Yes, that's right -- Warner Bros is remaking Outland. It isn't just an idle fancy either, as The Hollywood Reporter says that the studio is already well into production. Michael Davis is set to direct, and Chad St. John is penning the screenplay.

As you might remember, the original starred Sean Connery as a marshall on one of Jupiter's moons. His one year tour of duty isn't exactly peaceful as several miners meet violent ends, and none of the other colonists are willing to assist in the pursuit of justice. Connery is forced to take on the colony's evil administators all by his lonesome. Yes, that is also the plot of High Noon if you hadn't noticed. (But you did. You read Cinematical!)

To be honest, it's not so much a remake as a complete rewrite. The new Outland will be stripped of its western influences, expanded into a bigger "tentpole" movie, and will take place on a city that orbits the Moon. Our hero is a cop who is only a week away from retirement when he stumbles on a murderous conspiracy that's endangering the entire Moon City. He must decide whether to walk away and retire to Earth with his wife, or face "taking on a private army with his overachieving ex-partner and wife's former boyfriend." I think we know which one he picks, or else there's not going to be much of a movie. But hey, even if you can follow the plot from here, at least they're trying something new, and drawing influence from the hardboiled detectives instead of Gary Cooper and Connery, right?
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